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Maia Strong is a fresh and vibrant voice in fantasy fiction.
She's my go-to author for m/m fantasy romance.
~Kate Davies

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Rose & Thorn ~ A Magical Ménage ~ 15 May 2020

Is it bad luck, sabotage, or a curse? With the theatre's future at stake, it will take all the magic Eamon, Jasper, and HJ can conjure to find out and put a stop to it.
Weaving sexual energy with Druid magic, Eamon and Jasper seek the truth behind Rose & Thorn's mysterious run of bad luck. Because Druid magic works best in threes, the men need HJ's help. The three put their bodies and energies together to call up the magic they hope will set things aright.

Genre: m/m/f; menage; fantasy; erotic romance
Originally published by Torquere Press
Art by Nia Morgan Studio
Amazon: Paperback
and Kindle

The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing - 21 December 2019

Wand'ring Minstrel Jimothy Redwing tries to stay out of politics and intrigue while delivering the mail and plying his musical trade. Between a letter for the ruler of Kanbec and a one-night tryst with handsome stranger Ricky Lennox, he finds neutrality impossible. New lover + new city = new dangers.
This re-release includes the Winter Solstice short story, Wand'ring Home.

Genre: m/m; fantasy; erotic romance
Originally published by Samhain Publishing

"If you like fantasy, intrigue, and romance, you canít go wrong with The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing." ~ Joyfully Reviewed

Art by Nia Morgan Studio
Amazon: Paperback and Kindle
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Gearheart - Arrived 31 July 2019

The airway is coming to Gearheart and it's bringing trouble for Caleb with it.

Ex-cop Caleb has spent 10 years hiding from the painful past and the man who wants him dead. It's no wonder he's suspicious at the arrival of "airway man" Philip. Is his business in this dying western town what he claims, or does he have a more personal, sinister purpose? And why does he have to be so damned handsome?

Airway representative Philip is a natural charmer with a knack for reading people. What he reads in magnetic, mysterious recluse, Caleb, tells him that winning him over will be a challenge that can bring both professional and personal rewards.

Genre: m/m; steampunk; erotic romance