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Eons ago, in high school, Maia Strong developed a fondness for writing about boys who love boys, but it was only when she discovered slash fanfiction that she realized there was a vast audience who enjoyed reading about them. Thus was a love affair born.

Her first true literary love is fantasy. (It's inescapable when the first time you read The Lord of the Rings is in the fourth grade.) But growing up on a steady diet of Star Trek and Star Wars made her fall equally in love with science-fiction. As a result, she prefers to write in the many fantastical realms that fall under the umbrella of Speculative Fiction.

Off the page, she works in theatre, trains and performs aerial circus, bellydances, and watches lots of sci-fi TV. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys traveling and hanging out with her husband and felines. She loves baseball, daffodils, grey skies, Shakespeare, and a damned fine cup of coffee.


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