It's All About Me

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Writing, acting, bellydancing, and teaching people to talk in funny voices. Who knew you could make a living doing stuff like that? I didn't, and in fact I can't. Those are the things I do to feed my soul rather than my stomach.

I've always written, but I never expected to write romance. I have documented evidence of a seafaring play I wrote in the second grade. Something involving a giant duck, if memory serves; I'm too scared to dig it out of the binder and find out for sure. Since that rather inauspicious beginning, I've turned my hand to fantasy, science fiction, action adventure (with dinosaurs, oo!), and now steamy romance--with fantasy in it because that is my first genre love. It's inescapable when the first time you read The Lord of the Rings is in the fourth grade. (I read Asimov's Foundation trilogy the next year, but I didn't get it. I have yet to try reading it again lo these many years later.)

Off the page, I work in a number of positions with local theatres and I bellydance. I enjoy traveling (That picture to your left is me on the old family stamping ground in spring of 2007.), snowshoeing, yoga, eating good food, and hanging out with my husband and our kitties. I've recently taken up indoor rock climbing and I love it! I hate running, but I do it anyway…sometimes.